Doctor Strange Movie Review

Watched Doctor Strange.

The audio is simply out of this world, my subwoofer had a steady throaty roar throughout punched by sharp sequences of action and tension. The audio track creates an atmosphere that is uniquely its own and also manages to create its own world that is different from the visuals. Spectacular audio on the home theater makes the movie worth watching on its own. I would say reference quality or very near to it.

The visual effects are spectacular in their own right and elevate the movie some more. Think Inception, but done differently and with action sequences thrown in at the same time. Makes for a visually stunning movie with the world collapsing on itself and people jumping from one dimensional to another while fighting.

Performances are uniformly good, Benedict Cumberbatch is his usually good superior self and ably supported by Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, and Benedict Wong. Tilda Swinton too did a good job, but Mads Mikkelsen could have been someone better, not menacing enough.

A good time at the movies, even if it was not a part of the MCU, but even better that it is.