Abraham's Linkblog

So I started a linkblog over at Abraham’s Linkblog.

For years I have struggled the same as everyone else to find information when I need it. I’m not talking about Google here, but the specific content you have come across and read, and even made a mental note of. Content you have even bookmarked, but just cannot find it when you need it the most.

That gave me the idea of a linkblog, something I have been pondering but pushing to the back of my to-do list for a while now. I finally made the decision to get to it when I couldn’t find some relevant information that I know is stored and synced in my Google Bookmarks.

It’s going to be just a personal linkblog and I don’t intend to microblog much there, but it will carry snippets of information, links, etc. that is publicly searchable and shareable.