A Storyblog for You and Your Loved Ones, IndieWeb Style

A Storyblog for you and your loved ones, IndieWeb style!

A really good video, and an important one at that by Brianna Privett over at Brianna Privett: The Story of Your Life: Using WordPress as Your Memory Warehouse. You can also watch the hosted video over at VideoPress by clicking here.

Highly recommend watching the video, lots of good takeaways about owning your content, keeping a storehouse of your memories for life and also delegating the responsibility for after, having a central repository of all your content and memories IndieWeb style, syndicating your content to social media and commercial silos, etc.

It also managed to sell me on continuing with WordPress, as well as recommending it, especially for the ease of use both for the non-geeks and folks starting over.

And it has also convinced me that I need to get my family posting on their own domains and owning their content.

Thanks to Chris Aldrich for the recommendation.