Do We Really Want Blogging to Be As Easy and Simple As Tweeting?

Think on that. For a moment at least.

The problem with the Internet today is that just about everybody is an expert. People have labeled themselves creator, blogger, influencer, journalist, author, etc. The problem really isn’t the labeling, it’s the access to platforms like Twitter and Facebook that has given everybody the power to troll and spread misinformation, even deliberately.

Imagine that happening with independent blogs. Right now all you need to do is block Twitter and Facebook to stop with most of the negativity, trolls, and the fake news. Give these 2 websites a wide berth, and you are safe for the most part, though mainstream media continues to be a problem.

Now imagine all of the fake news, trolling, and negativity amplified a 100 times. Going to be really hard to get away from, but that’s exactly what will happen if the barrier to blogging is as simple and easy as access to Facebook and Twitter.

Something in me wishes that self-hosted blogging continues to require some knowledge of domain registration and web hosting, use of FTP/SFTP, some basic HTML and CSS, knowing the difference between categories and tags, some knowledge to be able to link out to other websites, etc.

If not this barrier to entry, then at least some form of paid membership or subscription fees as a barrier to entry, something that Micro.Blog does very well. This ensures people are thoughtful and even insightful in all of their communication, and not just trolls hiding behind a made up username. Taking the example of Micro.Blog further, folks over there either pay to host their website or have external self-hosted websites that syndicate content to their Micro.Blog, either way, no hiding behind a throwaway email and trolling folks like you can do on Twitter.

I really don’t want to be visiting every link with the trepidation of what might be. Right now, we only pass along the good stuff, we link to blog posts that provide value and information. Imagine an Internet if even that was taken away.

Updates –

Jason Irwin has written a blog post in reply. You can check it out at Yes. Blogging Should Be Easy.

Simon Woods has also posted a blog post in reply over at We do want Blogging to be as Easy and Simple as Tweeting.