Manhunt: Unabomber Review

Manhunt: Unabomber is based on the true-life story of serial killer/bomber Ted Kaczynski and the FBI agent/profiler Jim Fitzgerald who caught him.

One thing that struck me was the extreme distaste Ted Kaczynski had for modern technology and the Industrial Revolution, even to the point of believing it would lead to the eventual destruction of humanity. While not in the same boat, it kind of drew a parallel to what most people associate social media with these days, the eventual loss of humanity and society.

In a way, the series is all about the struggle of 2 men, Jim Fitzgerald trying to prove the importance and significance of linguistic forensics, and Ted Kaczynski’s lifelong struggle to fit in with the rest of humanity that only alienated him.

Nonetheless, despite good performances, especially by Paul Bettany, the show does not do enough to be a departure from the regular serial killer fare on prime-time TV. Good, just not enough to be a must watch.