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A Simple Favor Is Not So Simple At All

Anna Kendrick is a single parent mommy vlogger who befriends Blake Lively as both of their sons go to the same school and share playdates. Both become good friends and begin to help each other out by picking up and dropping off their kids, till the one time Blake goes missing after asking Anna to pick up her son. Anna and Blake’s husband (Henry Golding) go to the cops who brush them off under the assumption that Blake is having an affair. [Read More]

Jonathan, An Enjoyable New Take On Multiple Personalities

I liked it. Going in I found a lot of negative reviews that nearly made me not want to watch it, but I’m glad I did decide to go ahead and watch it. Ansel Elgort is doing something different (or at least trying to be different) in his roles, The Fault in Our Stars and Baby are good examples, and Jonathan is a good addition to that list. In Jonathan he suffers from multiple personalities, in other words multiple individual people all sharing the same body. [Read More]

Hunter Killer, Decent Action Fare Made Better By An Impressive Audio Track

At the outset this one is a blast for the home theater, there is a constant deep rumble on the subwoofer. It will be a good one for the home theater demo, or to show off for the friends or neighbors, especially for the LFE when it comes out in Atmos. The premise is simple, a U.S. submarine is torpedoed and so the USA sends in another with Gerard Butler as the captain to investigate and rescue. [Read More]

Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris, More Serious But Fun Nonetheless

The final in the Gamera trilogy starts on a more serious note, with a mass grave of dead Gameras and showcasing the life of a young girl who has been made an orphan because of the destruction caused by Gamera in the battle with the Legion. There is a lot more fire and destruction this time around, even from the first fight between Gamera and Gayos. This results in the death of a great many people and predictably the government declares Gamera enemy number one with orders to destroy it. [Read More]

Gamera 2: Attack Of The Legion, More Fun

Gamera returns, and so does the fun.

Meteors crash on earth and along with them come the Legion, an alien life form, insect/bug like creatures that will destroy all life on earth.

Gamera to the rescue with some help from the army. Ayako Fujitani who has a special bond with Gamera returns, though only in a cameo.

Another good Kaiju flick.

Gamera: Guardian Of The Universe Is Super Fun

Super fun. Gyaos, giant pre-historic reptilian man eating birds. Gamera, a giant tutrle that flies. Gyaos wants to destroy the world, Gamera wants to protect us, and fight Gyaos. Dumb humans attack Gamera. What more can one ask for? Yup, suspension of belief is needed when dealing with Kaiju. But lots of goofy fun to be had while you are at it. If you think Godzilla is cool and fun then check out Gamera. [Read More]

Don Juan DeMarco, For The Lover In Us

I grew up on the song Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? by Bryan Adams. But never watched the movie. Until I was reminded of it and decided it was time to catch up. My first thoughts and impressions. I fail to see the point of this movie. No really. Johnny Depp thinks he is Don Juan and gets sent to the hospital where he impacts his shrink, Marlon Brando, and the hospital staff bringing out the lover in each of them. [Read More]

Only The Brave, Honoring Firefighters

The very first scene had me interested, my subwoofer was rumbling and my 4K TV was kicking into gear with excellent detail of the forest fire, as a bear on fire runs through the shot. My only thought was yay, time to relax and kick back the feet. PS: I didn’t know it was based on true events. Despite a stellar cast of Josh Brolin, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Taylor Kitsch, Jeff Bridges, and Andie MacDowell, there really isn’t much action and the story doesn’t move forward too much either. [Read More]

The Andromeda Strain, Sci-Fi For The Intellectuals

When it comes to sci-fi I’m more of a Cameron lover - the Terminator series, Aliens, Avatar, The Abyss, etc. in addition to being a huge fan of everything Star Wars and Star Trek. Coming to The Andromeda Strain I didn’t know what to expect as I had no background information going in. The premise is simple, a spacecraft returns carrying alien DNA and results in the death of everyone in a nearby village except 2 survivors, an infant and an old man. [Read More]

The Mighty Peking Man Where King Kong Meets Tarzan

The Mighty Peking Man has a little bit of everything… King Kong, heartbreak and lost love, tiger, leopard, snake, snake and leopard fight, blonde lady Tarzan (yes in the jungles of India), a typhoon, lots of bad guys, one good guy, and everything culminating in a Honk Kong highrise King Kong type of ending. As “bad” movies go, this is a decent watch, though not for the home collection unless you are probably a collector of bad and B movies. [Read More]