Rajiv Abraham is a Christian, audiophile, foodie, smartphone shutterbug, geek, and occasional blogger, though he’s trying to change that last bit.

Networking, Plex, and Gladys Knight

The week was spent mostly in shopping for a smart refrigerator and a 4K OLED TV, so I did not get much time for blogging. Usually I will do my research on the Internet before deciding on the purchase, but this time we decided to have a shopping mall experience and decide based on what we saw and liked. Anyways, despite the lack of time, I did manage to spend most of my time away from the shopping in getting into networking with the goal of upgrading my network to a complete gigabit network that is also 10GbE ready. [Read More]

Updates to Listening and Now

Updated my Listening page and cleaned up my Now page. Started with ABBA for this week, and the very first song The Winner Takes It All gets to you. ABBA could sing and make great music. Made quite a few changes over the past few weeks, especially with learning Hugo and moving my blogs to it, as well as killing off a few blogs that I wasn’t updating and letting go of the domains. [Read More]

An Excellent HDR Photography Primer

An excellent and highly recommended watch, this is more of a primer towards HDR in photography, and how it can be used as an aid to improve the quality of the photographs. It is not a full-blown tutorial, like I said more of a primer that will introduce you to HDR photography. Also, not really needed for 99% of us. Getting the latest Google Pixel 2 will absolutely kill it for 99% of our needs and for the 99% of us including all amateur photographers and shutterbugs. [Read More]

WWDC, Not for All

I wanted to watch WWDC, the 2018 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, but when searching for live streaming options it seems that it only plays nice with Apple’s Safari and Microsoft Edge. Not sure what’s with it, the Internet is supposed to be open for all, and Chrome is the browser of choice for most folks. Well that put a damper on my desire to watch the WWDC live stream, so it was time spent with The Who instead. [Read More]

Improving My Photography Skills

I am more of a smartphone photographer (have always been) and this does not mean that I have any plans of going the route of DSLRs. The couple of DSLRs that I have used were mostly in the “auto” settings mode, until I completely stopped carrying them because of the bulk. I do realize though that I need to progress beyond shooting food in macro mode or full screen mode and hoping for the best. [Read More]

Culling Domains

I have a thing for domains, been collecting them over the years. I had over 80 of them at the beginning of this year in January. I also have a thing for name domains, especially the “Abraham” part of my name. I have been collecting Abraham.XXX TLDs too for a while now, and had over 20 of them. The grand plan was to have a separate identity/blog pertaining to each area of my life - like travel, photography, business, portfolio, blog, social, microblog, etc. [Read More]

Blindspot Season 3 Finale, Old Wine Is New Wine

I have been a regular watcher of Blindspot since the very first episode, tuned in for Sullivan Stapleton, but stayed on for Jamie Alexander. The series though has been more of a miss than a hit, but does continue to have its moments thanks to its tattoo-puzzles-mystery storyline, kind of a whodunnit that gets solved by deciphering tattoos. Personally though I found a new series like Deception to have a lot more mystery than Blindspot. [Read More]

Drones and Our Future

I saw an interesting video by Dezeen on the use of drones and our future. Lots of interesting scenarios from simple delivery tools and daily transportation to defense and even terrorism. Obviously, there is always a portend of a struggle and something bad that can happen in the future, today’s journalism wouldn’t be the same without that thrown in. But nonetheless, an interesting video to watch at least to realize that drones are here and here to stay. [Read More]

Hello Hugo, Goodbye Hugo?

Well nearly… If you will note, this blog is (at the time of this writing) running on Hugo, so I’ve not entirely given up on Hugo or static site generators just yet. However, Hugo, while excellent, still leaves a lot to be desired as a CMS, especially for someone like me who is not a developer and with no coding skills. Check out my first Hugo website, Rajiv Abraham Nela. It looks simple enough, and is a one page website that should not take more than 20 minutes for anyone to set up. [Read More]

Deception Series Finale, Keeps the Mystery Alive

Deception wrapped up with a two-hour season 1 finale, that also served as a series finale as the cancellation has been announced. Too bad, it was entertaining and especially kept the mystery alive throughout the series and opened the door to more intriguing possibilities with the two-hour season/series ending finale. I for one would have loved for Deception to continue, and to discover what Stephanie Corneliussen was really up to. [Read More]